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History 2016

2016 KICkoff! History

2016 Final Gala Highlights

Over 200 people and an extremely positive energy – to watch Final of KICoff Competition 2016 just click the link. Meet our winners!

2016 in numbers

2016 winners

1. PolarSol – Estonia – first prize: 10 000 EUR

A solution presented by Dabrel Prits from Estonia enables solar thermal to be used as a cost-effective stand alone heating option even in northern Europe. It is based on a hybrid combination of solar, air, geothermal, waste hear recuperation and storing excess energy. Polarsol system easily scales up yet retaining its superior performance and cost efficiency.

2. PleioneEnergy – Greece – second prize: 5 000 EUR

Drywall-integrated supercapacitors utilizing graphene technology and structural composites for an effective energy storage. An alternative for battery storage systems with long life and simplified installation.

3. GreenerGizer – Hungary – third prize: 3 000 EUR.

The “Nest” of the commercial electricity sector. Reduce capacity fee, avoid penalties and save money. Solution comprises of hardware which overlaps device automation system and a cloud-based algorithms. Beachhead market are supermarkets and warehouses.

Audience Award: Bin-e - Poland (Prize: invitation to The Business Booster in Barcelona)